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SNI News

Dezember 2013

Cover Story

With magnetic fields to detailed diagnoses

In medicinal diagnostics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is fully established and indispensible for different diagnoses. Inflammations, injuries and tumors can be detected without burdening the patient with high radiation doses. On the nanometer scale, MRI is a research area that has only developed   more...

We introduce...

Michael Gerspach

Michael Gerspach was born in Freiburg (Germany). He is a new PhD student in the PhD program but an “old hand” at the SNI. Already in 2006, he came to Basel for the nano curriculum, after Prof. Güntherodt had fascinated him with the possibilities of nanoscale science. During his studies at the biotechnological   more...

Davide Cadeddu

Davide Cadeddu, who was born in Milan, only joined the Swiss Nanoscience Institute in May this year. He started as one of the first PhD students in the newly founded PhD school in the group of professor Martino Poggio. New institutions and new programs obviously have a special attraction for Davide.   more...


Nano cars in the Europapark

Since 13 years, the SNI has participated in the yearly Science Days at the Europa Park in Rust (Germany). By now, the event attracts thousands of kids and teens from the whole region - not to overcome gravity with wild roller coasters like during the rest of the year, but to get inspired by science.   more...

Even more nano for kids and teens


After the great success of the show TuN at the public exhibitions MUBA in Basel and BEA Expo in Bern, a TuN took place for the first time at the Züspa in Zurich. The " TuN – Technologie und Wissenschaft” concept offers children the opportunity to slip into the role of researchers and to experience science   more...

Visit of the Great Council president


On 7th November, the SNI hosted a welcome apero for the recently nominated president of the Great Council of the canton Basel-Stadt Conradin Cramer. Cramer had invited his office and selected journalists to a presentation including a guided tour through the SNI. After the tour through the different research areas, he was obviously impressed by the achievements of the SNI.


Honorary appointment for Christoph Gerber


The University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland, renewed the position of Professor Christoph Gerber as Honorary Professor in the School of Chemistry. He has received this honor already ten years.

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Recent publications

Ballistic interferences in suspended graphene
Peter Rickhaus, Romain Maurand, Ming-Hao Liu, Markus Weiss, Klaus Richter, Christian Schönenberger
Nature Communications
The low-energy electronic excitations in graphene are described by massless Dirac fermions that have a linear dispersion relation. Taking advantage of this ‘optics-like’ electron dynamics, generic opt
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The Nanomechanical Signature of Breast Cancer
Marija Plodinec, Marko Loparic, Christophe A Monnier, Ellen C Obermann, Rosanna Zanetti-Dallenbach, Philipp Oertle, Janne T Hyotyla, Ueli Aebi, Mohamed Bentires-Alj, Roderick YH Lim and Cora-Ann Schoenenberger
Nature Nanotechnology
Cancer initiation and progression follow complex molecular and structural changes in the extracellular matrix and cellular architecture of living tissue. However, it remains poorly understood how the
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