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PhD Program
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SNI Doctoral Program

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PhD/Promotion at the Faculty of Sciences: documents & information.

Andreas Baumgartner (e-mail)

Since 2013, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute funds basic research through a PhD program. The research activities address the cutting edge scientific and interdisciplinary approach of Nanoscience and Technology and root in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering. A list of currently funded projects is available below.

SNI PhD students, march 2016

Seven open PhD research projects : Applications can now be submitted.

List of projects

  • P1601 Optical plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced photochemistry (Constable/Fricke). (pdf)
  • P1602 Self-assembly and magnetic order of 2D spin lattices on surfaces (Jung/Dreiser). (pdf)
  • P1603 A mechano-optical microscope for studying force transduction in living cells (Lim/Meyer). (pdf)
  • P1604 Selective Reconstitution of Biomolecules in Polymer-Lipid Membranes (Meier/Pieles). (pdf)
  • P1605 Topological Electronic States in Metal-Coordinated Organic Networks (Muntwiler/Jung). (pdf)
  • P1606 Smart peptide nanoparticles for efficient and safe gene therapy (Palivan/Benenson). (pdf)
  • P1607 Understanding and engineering of phonon propagation in nanodevices by employing energy resolved phonon emission and adsorption spectroscopy (Zardo/Schoenenberger). (pdf)

Application procedure: Click the button below and follow the online instructions. All applications have to be submitted online.

Current research projects

Started in 2016

  • P1501 Nanomechanical mass and viscosity measurement-platform for cell imaging (pdf)
  • P1502 Investigating Individual Multiferroic and Oxidic Nanoparticles. (pdf)
  • P1503 Watching Giant Multienzymes at Work using High-Speed AFM. (pdf)
  • P1504 Valleytronics in Strain-Engineered Graphene. (pdf)
  • P1505 A programmable e-beam shaper for diffractive imaging of biological structures at Angstrom resolution. (pdf)

Started in 2015

  • P1401 Targeted single cell proteomics using magnetic nanoparticles to study prion-like spreading of amyloid nanoparticles. (pdf)
  • P1402 Lightweight structures based on hierarchical composites. (pdf)
  • P1403 Tailor-Made Proteins and Peptides for Quantum Interference Experiments. (pdf)
  • P1404 Selective Transport of Functionalized Nanocarriers into Biomimetic and Natural Nuclear Pore Complexes. (pdf)
  • P1405 Surface-Functionalization of diamond nano-magnetometers for applications in nano- and lifesciences. (pdf)
  • P1406 Charge Transfer versus Charge Transport in Molecular Systems. (pdf)
  • P1407 Coupling a single ion to a nanomechanical oscillator. (pdf)
  • P1408 Clean Zigzag and Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons. (pdf)

Started in 2014

  • P1301 Energy dissipation over structural and electronic phase transitions (pdf)
  • P1302 Probing the initial steps of bacterial biofilm formation: dynamic and molecular principles of surface-based cell motility and mechanosensation (pdf)
  • P1303 Assembly and investigation of electrochemically triggered molecular muscles (pdf)
  • P1304 Folding mechanisms of ß-barrel outer membrane proteins and their catalysis by natural holdases and foldases (pdf)
  • P1305 Towards X-FEL based dynamic studies on 2D and 3D nanocrystals of membrane proteins on solid supports (pdf)
  • P1306 Slow-release nano-pills for mosquitoes for interrupting malaria transmission
  • P1307 Optoelectronic nanojunctions (pdf)
  • P1308 Supramolecular charge and spin architectures produced by chemical clipping (pdf)
  • P1309 Cooling and control of a nanomechanical membrane with cold atoms (pdf)
  • P1310 Plasmonic Sensing in Biomimetic Nanopores (pdf)

Started in 2013

  • P1201 Microfluidics to study nano-crystallization of proteins (pdf)
  • P1202 Nanofluidic devices for biomolecules (pdf)
  • P1203 On surface covalent assembly of coordination polymers with integrated read and write functions (pdf)
  • P1204 Site-specific magnetic studies and control of large self-assembled spin systems (pdf)
  • P1205 Watching the nanomachinery of the nuclear pore complex at work by high speed-AFM (pdf)
  • P1206 Nanomechanical oscillators for diamond spin-optomechanics (pdf)
  • P1207 Design of a polymer membrane-based molecular “hoover” (pdf)
  • P1208 Ultra-sensitive force detection and molecular manipulation (pdf)
  • P1209 Design of polymer nanoreactors with triggered activity (pdf)
  • P1210 Bottom-up nanowires as ultra-sensitive force transducers (pdf)
  • P1211 Electrical properties of ultraclean suspended graphene (pdf)
  • P1212 Nano-photonics with diamond (pdf)
  • P1213 Artificial Metalloenzymes for Molecular Nanofactories (pdf)
  • P1214 An ion-atom hybrid trap on a chip: synthesis and control of nanosystems on the single-molecule level (pdf)
  • P1215 Nanostructure Quantum Transport at Microkelvin Temperatures (pdf)