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SNI update

Dezember 2016

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Dear colleagues

Word will undoubtedly have spread that our director, Professor Christian Schönenberger, sustained a very serious cycling accident in early November. We are happy to announce that he is on the road to recovery, although it will be some time until he is back on his feet. We continue to wish him strength and a speedy recovery, and hope to have him back in our midst as soon as possible.
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Making the invisible visible

The SNI’s Nano Imaging Lab unlocks the secrets of the nanoworld

In early 2016, the SNI welcomed four new members. Evi Bieler, Susanne Erpel, Daniel Mathys and group leader Dr. Markus Dürrenberger of the former Center for Microscopy Basel (ZMB) joined Dr. Monica Schönenberger, previously of the Nanotech Service Lab, to form the new Nano Imaging Lab (NI Lab). The five specialists bring together decades of experience in imaging minute structures. Drawing on their unique expertise and extensive technical resources, they offer a comprehensive imaging service to clients in the SNI Network and external partners alike.
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The Nano Imaging Lab Team

Evi Bieler, Susanne Erpel, Daniel Mathys, Dr. Monica Schönenberger, and Dr. Markus Dürrenberger are the members of the Nano Imaging Lab.
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A memorable anniversary

On 28 October, the SNI’s 10th anniversary was celebrated by SNI members and numerous guests who have supported the Institute over the years or who played a key role in its foundation. Some 150 attendees gathered in Gundeldinger Feld’s Hall 7 to toast the anniversary, catch up with contacts and enjoy the varied entertainment program. Stefan Verra got the party started with an energetic and humorous demonstration of how body language can affect our perception. In a performance perfectly pitched to his audience, he used numerous examples backed up by scientific research to show just how entertaining the presentation of scientific findings can be. Slammers Kishan Thodkar and Meropi Karakioulaki carried on in the same vein, with a lively and accessible presentation of their research pared down to just a few minutes.
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Another successful Future Day

Once again this year, the SNI was involved in the Future Day held on 9 November to give children and young people a playful introduction to research in the natural sciences. In collaboration with the Department of Physics, Dr. Michèle Wegmann prepared a varied program on the topic of energy. Dr. Thilo Glatzel kicked things off with a presentation and a series of experiments demonstrating different forms of energy generation. Dr. Reimann then took the 20 children on a tour of some of the laboratories and workshops to give them an idea of where the employees of the Department of Physics work. Finally, it was time for some hands-on action, and with the help of the workshops and the SNI the young researchers built a solar flower and a wind turbine from PET bottles and soldered together an electronic game.
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PhD students visit Roche

The decisions faced by some of the PhD students at the SNI’s PhD school about what comes next are becoming increasingly pressing as their doctorates approach completion. In late November, 16 PhD students paid a visit to Roche Pharma AG in Basel to gain some insights into starting a career in the pharma industry. The visit included a lecture on molography by Dr. Christoph Fattinger illustrating how Roche employs nanotechnology in its research.
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Christoph Gerber received honorary doctorate

On November 25th 2016, Professor Christoph Gerber received the honorary doctorate from the University of Twente.
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Media releases

University of Basel, 01 December 2016. Researchers Take First Look into the “Eye” of Majoranas

Majorana fermions are particles that could potentially be used as information units for a quantum computer. An experiment by physicists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the University of Basel’s Department of Physics has confirmed their theory that Majorana fermions can be generated and measured on a superconductor at the end of wires made from single iron atoms.
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University of Basel, 02 November 2016. Chemists Create Clusters of Organelles by Mimicking Nature

Scientists from the University of Basel have succeeded in organizing spherical compartments into clusters mimicking the way natural organelles would create complex structures.
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University of Basel, 17 October 2016. Nanowires as Sensors in New Type of Atomic Force Microscope

A new type of atomic force microscope (AFM) uses nanowires as tiny sensors. Unlike standard AFM, the device with a nanowire sensor enables measurements of both the size and direction of forces.
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Contributions to the annual report

Please submit reports on Argovia and PhD projects along with the information requested by December 20, 2016, so that we can compile the overall annual report. Thank you!
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Scientific image competition

The Swiss National Science Foundation has launched a competition for scientific images and videos. The competition, which is open to researchers working in Switzerland, aims to showcase the hidden beauty of science.
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Successful careers with antelope

The career program of the University of Basel for female doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers launches the next call for applications.
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