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Nano Imaging Lab
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Nano Imaging Lab

The newly founded Nano Imaging Lab combines the Nanotech Service Lab and a part of the former Center for Microscopy (ZMB) under the umbrella of the SNI. The Nano Imaging Lab offers a broad range of services ranging from SEM, TEM, confocal microscopy and AFM.

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Nanotechnology and Probe Microscopy

We use atomic force microscopy (AFM) as a very efficient tool for studying technical surfaces in the nanometer range. In this way, for example, very thin optical coating layers for eye glasses have been examined in order to improve adhesion and wear resistance. Even the finest filter membranes of hemodialysis dialyzers were measured with AFM. This technique can be used to analyze the surfaces of nearly all materials in many ways and modify them locally. Structures in the nanometer become more and more important in most of our areas of life.

AFM Image of a superpolished eye glass (1 x 1 x 0.04 µm). The structure height is 1000 times smaller than a human hair.
Nanotech Service Lab, SNI und Universität Basel
AFM image of a contact lens (5 x 5 µm)
AFM image of amyloid fibrils on mica (2 x 2 µm)
AFM image of a superpolished sapphire (2 x 2 µm)

Technology Transfer and Engineering

In-house construction of a meltspinning plant
Several metglas foils
In-house construction of a Argon arc furnace

Technology transfer and industrial cooperation are closely linked to applied research projects. For years, we have very successful conducted projects in the field of materials development for electrical and mechanical applications. Development, design and construction of research equipment is our strength. Expertise and efficient management, together with the well-equipped workshops in electronics and mechanics ensure competence in the realisation of projects. We are also offering material processing such as ultrasound, diamond saws or fused silica processing, we can provide support in digital video and image processing. Furthermore, we take care of the needs for laboratory and industrial safety.

Technology Group, University of Basel

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